Drew Kennedy - We've All Got Our Marks to Make Lyrics

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Drew Kennedy Lyrics

We've All Got Our Marks to Make Lyrics

Washington carved his name right here on this rock a couple hundred years ago
Things last a whole lot longer than you’d expect, rain from a thousand storms washed across those letters
But they weathered the test of time
Shared a kiss with an old girlfriend on the spot where a founding father stood
Lasted for a second then it was gone some things don’t last as long as you wished they would, Together
We both knew that we weren’t meant to last forever

The wind blows in and the tide rolls out
Days fly by as this world spins around
Line by line and age to age
We’ve all got our marks to make

There’s a table in the corner of Archie Blues that you can walk right past and never see
Hank Williams carved his name in a fit of rage and whiskey playing one night across the street
That one word Hank is Aesop, Jack, and John the Revelator.


And I don’t know what happened to that girlfriend but I bet those letters are still right there
And Hank left us with as many songs as he could bear to write before they finished him somewhere
And as for me, as for me…


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