Driller Killer - Chemicaligula Lyrics

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Driller Killer Lyrics

Chemicaligula Lyrics

I hear a jackpot coming in, top of the pops, easteuro voodoo
I see blackeyed action, nonstop kickin' through
You have to walk the walk n´ talk the talk
Then words to them means words you understand, but can´t explain...

Another 1 buysthedust, loud mail lunacy

A nice advice: go brutalize the dustbin, if you think
What´s been said n done´s worth a re-run, fuel up, you´re linked

Another 1 buysthedust...

900 words in a breath, then repeated for years to come
So, tell me, what´s the sound this time around?
Loud mail coming in - Hi male coming up

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