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From the Album The Weight Of Your Love (2013)
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The Weight Lyrics
Sugar Lyrics
A Ton Of Love Lyrics
What Is This Thing Called Love Lyrics
Honesty Lyrics
Nothing Lyrics
Formaldehyde Lyrics
Hyena Lyrics
Two Hearted Spider Lyrics
The Phone Book Lyrics
Bird Of Prey Lyrics
The Sting Lyrics (Bonus Track)
Comrade Spill My Blood Lyrics (Bonus Track)

From the Album In This Light And On This Evening (2009)
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In This Light And On This Evening Lyrics
Bricks And Mortar Lyrics
Papillon Lyrics
You Don't Know Love Lyrics
The Big Exit Lyrics
The Boxer Lyrics
Like Treasure Lyrics
Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool Lyrics
Walk The Fleet Road Lyrics
This House Is Full Of Noise Lyrics
I Want A Forest Lyrics
My Life As A Ghost Lyrics
Human Lyrics
For The Money Lyrics

From the Album An End Has A Start (2007)
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Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors Lyrics
An End Has A Start Lyrics
The Weight Of The World Lyrics
Bones Lyrics
When Anger Shows Lyrics
The Racing Rats Lyrics
Push Your Head Towards The Air Lyrics
Escape The Nest Lyrics
Spiders Lyrics
Well Word Hand Lyrics

From the Album The Back Room (2006)
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Lights Lyrics
Munich Lyrics
Blood Lyrics
Fall Lyrics
All Sparks Lyrics
Camera Lyrics
Fingers In The Factories Lyrics
Bullets Lyrics
Someone Says Lyrics
Open Your Arms Lyrics
Distance Lyrics

Other Songs:
Colours Lyrics
Crawl Down The Wall Lyrics
Dust In The Sunlight Lyrics
Heads In Bags Lyrics
No Sound But The Wind Lyrics (from "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" soundtrack)
Release Lyrics
The Diplomat Lyrics
You Are Fading Lyrics

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