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Elbow Lyrics

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From the Album The Take Off And Landing Of Everything (2014)
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This Blue World
Fly Boy Blue / Lunette
New York Morning
Real Life (Angel)
Honey Sun
My Sad Captains
Colour Fields
The Take Off And Landing Of Everything
The Blanket Of Night

From the Album Dead in the Boot (2012)
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Whisper Grass
Lucky With Disease

From the Album Build A Rocket Boys! (2011)
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The Birds
Lippy Kids
With Love
Neat Little Rows
Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl
The Night Will Always Win
High Ideals
The River
Open Arms
The Birds (Reprise)
Dear Friends

From the Album The Seldom Seen Kid (2008)
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The Bones Of You
Grounds For Divorce
An Audience With The Pope
Weather To Fly
The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver
The Fix
Some Riot
One Day Like This
Friend Of Ours

From the Album Leaders Of The Free World (2005)
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Station Approach
Picky Bastard
Forget Myself
The Stops
Leaders Of The Free World
An Imagined Affair
Mexican Standoff
The Everthere
My Very Best
Great Expectations
Puncture Repair

From the Album Cast Of Thousands (2003)
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Fallen Angel
Fugitive Motel
Snooks (Progress Report)
Switching Off
Not A Job
I've Got Your Number
Buttons And Zips
Crawling With Idiot
Grace Under Pressure
Flying Dream 143
Whisper Grass (US Bonus Track)
Lay Down Your Cross (US Bonus Track)

From the Album Asleep In The Back (2001)
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Any Day Now
Little Beast
Powder Blue
Bitten By The Tailfly
Don't Mix Your Drinks
Presuming Ed (Rest Easy)
Coming Second
Can't Stop
Scattered Black And Whites
Asleep In The Back

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