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Eric Benet Lyrics

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From the Album The One (2012)
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Harriett Jones Lyrics
News For You Lyrics
Real Love Lyrics
Runnin' Lyrics
Redbone Girl Lyrics
Waitin' Lyrics
Gonna Be My Girl Lyrics

From the Album Lost In Time (2010)
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Never Want To Live Without You Lyrics
Feel Good Lyrics
Sometimes I Cry Lyrics
Always A Reason Lyrics
Paid Lyrics
Take It Lyrics
Stir It Up Lyrics
Summer Love Lyrics
Lost In Time Lyrics
Good Life Lyrics
Something's Wrong Lyrics

From the Album Love & Life (2008)
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Love, Patience, & Time Lyrics
Hunger Lyrics
You're The Only One Lyrics
Don't Let Go Lyrics
Everlove Lyrics
Chocolate Legs Lyrics
Weekend Girl Lyrics
Spanish Fly Lyrics
Still I Believe Lyrics
Sing To Me Lyrics
One More Tomorrow Lyrics

From the Album Hurricane (2005)
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Be Myself Again Lyrics
Pretty Baby Lyrics
Hurricane Lyrics
Where Does The Love Go Lyrics
My Prayer Lyrics
Man Enough To Cry Lyrics
I Know Lyrics
India Lyrics
The Last Time Lyrics
In The End Lyrics
Making Love Lyrics
Cracks Of My Broken Heart Lyrics
I Wanna Be Loved Lyrics
Still With You Lyrics

From the Album A Day In The Life (1999)
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That's Just My Way Lyrics
Georgy Porgy Lyrics
Spend My Life With You Lyrics
Something Real Lyrics
Loving Your Best Friend Lyrics
When You Think Of Me Lyrics
Lamentation Lyrics
Dust In The Wind Lyrics
Why You Follow Me Lyrics
Come As You Are Lyrics
Love The Hurt Away Lyrics
Ghetto Girl Lyrics
Love Of My Own Lyrics
Poetry Girl Lyrics

From the Album True To Myself (1996)
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True To Myself Lyrics
I'll Be There Lyrics
If You Want Me To Stay Lyrics
Let's Stay Together (Midnight Mix) Lyrics
Just Friends Lyrics
Femininity Lyrics
While You Were Here Lyrics
Spiritual Thang Lyrics
Chains Lyrics
All In The Game Lyrics
More Than Just A Girlfriend Lyrics
What If We Was Cool Lyrics
Let's Stay Together Lyrics

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