The Eric Burdon Band Lyrics

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The Eric Burdon Band Lyrics

From the Album Power Company (1983)
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Power Company Lyrics
The House Of The Rising Sun Lyrics

From the Album Comeback (1982)
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Crawling King Snake Lyrics
Take It Easy Lyrics
It Hurts Me Too Lyrics
Bird On The Beach Lyrics

From the Album Stop (1975)
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City Boy Lyrics
Gotta Get It On Lyrics
The Man Lyrics
I'm Lookin' Up Lyrics
Rainbow Lyrics
All I Do Lyrics
Funky Fever Lyrics
Be Mine Lyrics
The Way It Should Be Lyrics
Stop Lyrics

From the Album Sun Secrets (1974)
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It's My Life Lyrics
Ring Of Fire Lyrics
When I Was Young Lyrics
The Real Me Lyrics
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Lyrics
Letter From The Country Farm Lyrics
Sun Secrets Lyrics

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