Erykah Badu Lyrics

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Erykah Badu Lyrics

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From the Album New Amerykah Part Two (Return Of The Ankh) (2010)
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20 Feet Tall Lyrics
Window Seat Lyrics
Agitation Lyrics
Turn Me Away (Get MuNNY) Lyrics
Gone Baby, Don't Be Long Lyrics
Umm Hmm Lyrics
Love Lyrics
You Loving Me (Session) Lyrics
Fall In Love (Your Funeral) Lyrics
Incense Lyrics
Out My Mind, Just In Time Lyrics
Jump Up In The Air (Stay There) Lyrics

From the Album New AmErykah, Pt. One: 4th World War (2008)
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Amerykahn Promise Lyrics
The Healer (Hip Hop) Lyrics
Me Lyrics
My People Lyrics
Soldier Lyrics
The Cell Lyrics
Twinkle Lyrics
Master Teacher Lyrics
That Hump Lyrics
Telephone Lyrics
Honey Lyrics

From the Album Worldwide Underground (2003)
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World Keeps Turnin' (Intro) Lyrics
Bump It Lyrics
Back In The Day (Puff) Lyrics
I Want You Lyrics
Woo Lyrics
The Grind Lyrics
Danger Lyrics
Think Twice Lyrics
Love Of My Life Worldwide Lyrics
World Keeps Turnin' (Outro) Lyrics
Love Of My Life Lyrics

From the Album Mama's Gun (2000)
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Penitentiary Blues Lyrics
Didn't Cha Know Lyrics
My Life Lyrics
... & On Lyrics
Cleva Lyrics
Booty Lyrics
Kiss Me On My Neck Lyrics
A.D. 2000 Lyrics
Orange Moon Lyrics
In Love With You Lyrics
Bag Lady Lyrics
Time's A Wastin Lyrics
Green Eyes Lyrics

From the Album Live (1997)
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Rimshot (Intro) (Live) Lyrics
Otherside of the Game (Live) Lyrics
On & On (Live) Lyrics
Reprise (Live) Lyrics
Apple Tree (Live) Lyrics
Ye Yo (Live) Lyrics
Searching (Live) Lyrics
Boogie Nights/All Night (Live) Lyrics
Certainly (Live) Lyrics
Stay (Live) Lyrics
Tyrone (Live) Lyrics
Next Lifetime (Live) Lyrics

From the Album Baduizm (1997)
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Rimshot (Intro) Lyrics
On and On Lyrics
Appletree Lyrics
Otherside of the Game Lyrics
Next Lifetime Lyrics
Afro ( Freestyle Skit) Lyrics
Certainly Lyrics
4 Leaf Clover Lyrics
No Love Lyrics
Drama Lyrics
Sometimes Lyrics
Rimshot (Outro) Lyrics

Other Songs:
Baby Lyrics
Baby You Got Me Lyrics
Funk you up! (Love of My Life Remix) Lyrics
Honey (S1 Remix) Lyrics
Jump Up In The Air (Stay There) Lyrics
Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop) Lyrics
No More Trouble Lyrics
Plenty Lyrics
Southern Girl Lyrics
Southern Gul Lyrics
Today Lyrics
Tyrone Lyrics
Vibrate On Lyrics
Window Seat Lyrics
You Got Me Lyrics
Ye Yo Lyrics
Your Precious Love Lyrics

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