Evan Taubenfeld - Razorblade Limeade Lyrics

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Evan Taubenfeld Lyrics

Razorblade Limeade Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I took my own advice
I put it over ice
I never seem to listen when you pour
I didn't treat you right
So now I'm thinking twice
You look so pretty walking out the door

[Pre Chorus]
You can be the captain, I can be the ship
You can be the razor blade goin up my wrist

Everytime I see you smile
Girl you make me wanna change
I'll try for you, I'll try for you
Tell me how to get you back
Cause I'm goin 6 feet under
Ground to prove, I'd die for you

[Verse 2]
I know I've made mistakes
But let me make it straight
I'm sure it's gonna take more than a rose
It hit me like a quake, I know I've been a flake
But I ain't gonna let this be closed

[Pre Chorus 2]
You can be the lime, and I can be the twist
You can be the razor blade, running down my wrist


I wanna kill the past, I wanna make it last,
Or maybe I should get it over fast
Or I could stick around to get you back
Again again

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