Every Time I Die - Moor Lyrics

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Every Time I Die Lyrics

Moor Lyrics

Pay no mind
To the stranger in
The 4 a.m
He's not the one we know

And he knows

I slept through the war
You waged with him
For a little bit
Until he cracked your bones

And you had to let go

So I make believe
I've discovered peace
But I'll skin the man alive
And sell the meat

I'll wait in the dirt
Where he left you blood
If he returns for it
I can make it right for good

Oh how I wish he would

Lost you in overflowing fog
That's been here awhile
So I plan to keep watch
As long as the wolves are out
They're always around
And more violet than hell

I have eyes of every color now
And they're vigilant
It doesn't matter who knocks
You don't let them in
There are terrible men
I'm one so I should know

Heaven smiles on me now and then
But the devil always had hooks in

All I want is his head
And this horrible f*cking world
Will be wonderful again

There is so much beauty and love
And when I eat his beating heart
I can bring it back to us

There's nothing that I couldn't do
Except cover you
When the slings and arrows came
And I've never been the same.

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