Fates Warning Lyrics

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Fates Warning Lyrics

From the Album Darkness In A Different Light (2013)
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One Thousand Fires
I Am
Into The Black
Kneel And Obey
O Chloroform
And Yet It Moves
Firefly (Extended)
Falling Further (Non Album Track)
One (Live)
Life In Still Water (Live)

From the Album FWX (2004)
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Left Here
Simple Human
River Wide Ocean Deep
Another Perfect Day
Heal Me
Sequence #7
A Handful Of Doubt
Stranger (With A Familiar Face)

From the Album Disconnected (2000)
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Disconnected Part I
Pieces Of Me
Something From Nothing
Still Remains
Disconnected Part II

From the Album A Pleasant Shade Of Gray (1997)
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A Pleasant Shade Of Gray
A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Lyrics

From the Album Inside Out (1994)
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Inside Out
Outside Looking In
Pale Fire
The Strand
Shelter Me
Island In The Stream
Down To The Wire
Face The Fear
Inward Bound

From the Album Parallels (1991)
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Leave The Past Behind
Life In Still Water
Eye To Eye
The Eleventh Hour
Point Of View
We Only Say Goodbye
Don't Follow Me
The Road Goes On Forever

From the Album Perfect Symmetry (1989)
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Perfect Symmetry
Part Of The Machine
Through Different Eyes
Static Acts
A World Apart
At Fate's Hands
The Arena
Chasing Time
Nothing Left To Say

From the Album No Exit (1988)
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No Exit
No Exit
Anarchy Divine
Silent Cries
In A Word
Shades Of Heavenly Death
The Ivory Gate Of Dreams I. Innocence
The Ivory Gate Of Dreams II. Cold Daze
The Ivory Gate Of Dreams III. Daylight Dreamers
The Ivory Gate Of Dreams IV. Quietus
The Ivory Gate Of Dreams V. Ivory Tower
The Ivory Gate Of Dreams VI. Whispers On The Wind
The Ivory Gate Of Dreams VII. Aquiescence
The Ivory Gate Of Dreams VIII. Retrospect

From the Album Awaken The Guardian (1986)
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Awaken The Guardian
The Sorceress
Valley Of The Dolls
Fata Morgana
Prelude To Ruin
Giant's Lore (Heart Of Winter)
Time Long Past

From the Album The Spectre Within (1985)
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The Spectre Within
Traveler In Time
Orphan Gypsy
Without A Trace
Pirates Of The Underground
The Apparition
Kyrie Eleison

From the Album Night On Brocken (1984)
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Night On Brocken
Buried Alive
The Calling
Kiss Of Death
Night On Brocken
Soldier Boy

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