Funeral Lyrics

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Funeral Lyrics

From the Album As The Light Does The Shadow (2008)
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The Will To Die Lyrics
Those Fated To Fall Lyrics
The Strength To End It Lyrics
The Elusive Light Lyrics
In The Fathoms Of Wit And Reason Lyrics
Towards The End Lyrics
Let Us Die Alone Lyrics
The Absence Of Heaven Lyrics
Hunger Lyrics
Fallen One Lyrics

From the Album From These Wounds (2006)
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The Barren Skin Lyrics
From These Wounds Lyrics
The Architecture Of Loss Lyrics
Red Moon Lyrics
Vagrant God Lyrics
Pendulum Lyrics
Saturn Lyrics
Breathing Through You Lyrics

From the Album In Fields Of Pestilent Grief (2002)
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Yield To Me Lyrics
Truly A Suffering Lyrics
The Repentant Lyrics
The Stings I Carry Lyrics
When Light Will Dawn Lyrics
In Fields Of Pestilent Grief Lyrics
Facing Failure Lyrics
What Could Have Been Lyrics
Vile Are The Pains Lyrics
Epilogue Lyrics

From the Album To Mourn Is A Virtue (1997)
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Wrapped All In Woe Lyrics
The Swansong Of My Heart Lyrics
Snowcrowned Lyrics
To Mourn Is A Virtue Lyrics
Your Pain Is Mine Lyrics

From the Album Tragedies (1995)
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Taarene Lyrics
Under Ebony Shades Lyrics
Demise Lyrics
When Nightfalls Claps Lyrics
Moment In Black Lyrics

From the Album Beyond All Sunsets (1994)
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HeartAche Lyrics
Moment In Black Lyrics
When Nightfalls Clasps Lyrics
Forlorn Lyrics
Dying Lyrics

From the Album Tristesse (1993)
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Thoughts Of Tranquility Lyrics
A Poem For The Dead Lyrics
Yearning For Heaven Lyrics

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