Gaia Epicus Lyrics

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Gaia Epicus Lyrics

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From the Album Dark Secrets (2012)
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Beyond The Universe Lyrics
Hellfire Lyrics
Lost Forever Lyrics
Mirror Of Truth Lyrics
Bounded By Blood Lyrics
Ode To The Past Lyrics
Farewell Lyrics
The Raven Lyrics
Behind These Walls Lyrics
Falling Into The Abyss Lyrics
Dark Secrets Lyrics
Last Chance Lyrics

From the Album Damnation (2008)
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Damnation Lyrics
Masters Of The Sea Lyrics
Firestorm Lyrics
The Wizard's Return Lyrics
You Are A Liar! Lyrics
Cyborgs From Hell Lyrics
The Savior (Will Come) Lyrics
A Hero In All Lyrics
Salvation Is Here Lyrics
Warrior Lyrics

From the Album Victory (2007)
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New Life Lyrics
Iron Curtain Lyrics
The Sign Lyrics
Revenge Is Sweet Lyrics
In Memory Lyrics
Awaken The Monster Lyrics
Rise Of The Empire Lyrics
When Darkness Falls Lyrics
Fortress Of Solitude Lyrics
Through The Fire Lyrics
Victory Lyrics

From the Album Symphony Of Glory (2005)
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Welcome (Intro) Lyrics
Time And Space Lyrics
Miracles Lyrics
Sieze The Day Lyrics
Hand Of Fate Lyrics
Wings Of Freedom Lyrics
Spanish Eyes Lyrics
No Release? Lyrics
Chamber Of Secrets Lyrics
Be Thy Cross My Victory Lyrics
Symphony Of Glory Lyrics

From the Album Satrap (2003)
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Keepers Of Time Lyrics
Heavens Gate Lyrics
Fire & Ice Lyrics
Inside The Storm Lyrics
Die For Your King Lyrics
Star Wars Lyrics
Innovation Lyrics
Cyber Future Lyrics
Freedom Calls Lyrics
Heavy Metal Heart Lyrics
Watch The Sky Lyrics

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