Grenouer Lyrics

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Grenouer Lyrics

From the Album Blood On The Face (2013)
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Intro: Thunder Phase
Blood On The Face
Sands Of Silence
Midday Show
Golden Years
Fix Your Life / A Few Miles From Paradise
The Taste Of Misery
Brain Fever
See No Sun
Last Stop
All In The Suit That You Wear

From the Album Lifelong Days (2008)
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Indecent Loyalty
Addicted To You
Taken Off The List
With No Concern
Away From Now
Finding The One
Off the Back Of Others
The Unexpected
Employed Beggar

From the Album Try (2005)
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Devil's Eye
All Along The Runway
Powdering Squeeze

From the Album Prescence With War (2004)
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Mercenary Fields
Sex Optica
The Choice Of Flesh
The Last Bullet Magic
Crash Crash Crash
Communist Skinhead
A Farewell To Arms

From the Album The Odour O'Folly (2001)
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Your Beast Tonight
Stabbed By Touch
Soulhunters (Spiritual Archers)
Skittle Man
Death Ought To Wait For Me
Take On Me
Mind Ruins

From the Album Gravehead (1999)
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The Time Spool
Down Under Dome Of Heaven
Conversing The Dolt
King's Ebony Blade
Predominant Nature
The Riddle Of Steel
Salt Of Mayhem

From the Album Border Of Misty Times (1997)
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Intro: Sinhisteria
Faces Of Death
Ahrimans Heart
Postnatal Depression
When Madness Rules
Wakening Of Lords
Songster Of Humanity's Dawn
A Memorable Fancy

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