Guided By Voices - Mag Earwhig! Lyrics

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Guided By Voices Lyrics

Mag Earwhig! Lyrics

Militant babies came to me
And told me "Dont be afraid to try"
Phenomenal stuntkids in the street
Popping out of the black ghost pie (it pleases the chef)
Fearless ones - cracked up Jack and Jill
You look like a sniper anyway
Im not behind the fighter jet
Id much rather back a simple girl
Ive seen your plan and its all wet
A noseload of prophecies coming to me
Caught in the trap where bravery steps
A wounded mercenary bleeds
In the hall of fantastically fine things
Where the path of glory leads
Lately I think its grown too hard
Coming up with the winning card
But whos gonna beat them in their own backyard

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