Gunplay Lyrics

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Gunplay Lyrics

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From the Album Living Legend (2015)
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Tell 'em
Just Won't Do
Be Like Me
Only 1
From Da Jump
Chain Smokin'
White Bitch
Blood On The Dope
Dark Dayz
Leave Da Game

From the Album Gunplay (2014)
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Hot Nigga
Numbers On The Board
Move That Dope
She Twerkin'
Break 'em Off
Open Letter
Upper Echelon
Heaven Or Hell
They Don't Love You No More
Wanna Be Somebody
10 G's
Bitches Ain't Shit
I Got This
Low Life
Food Chain
Tats On My Arm
Lean Wit It
Jump Out
Stay Schemin
F*ck Shit In My Life
God Damn

From the Album Acquitted (2013)
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Intro Acquitted
Salute Me
Drop Da Tint
Been Did It
Get Like Me
Cocaina (Que Linda)
Bible On Tha Dash

From the Album Cops N Robbers (2013)
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Intro (Cops N Robbers)
No Church
Definition Of A Plug
I'm A Shooter
Good Kush Triple C Mix
Ghetto Bird
Ross Speaks
Ion Beg
The Hard Way

From the Album 601 & Snort (2012)
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Real Niggas
Intro (601 & Snort)
$2 Special
Take It Off Freestyle
Same Damn Time (Remix)
Gullitine Swords Freestyle
Bible On The Dash
Give Me Some Cash In My Hand
Take Dis
187 Freestyle
Crimnology Freestyle
I Got That Sack Freestyle
So Sophisticated (Remix)
Pop Dat Freestyle
Na Nigga

From the Album Bogota Rich (2012)
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Intro (Bogota)
Bitches Ain't Shit Freestyle
I Got This
Low Life
Food Chain
Tats On My Arm Freestyle
Lean Wit It Freestyle
Jump Out
Stay Schemin Freestyle
F*ck Shit In My Life
God Damn

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Banana Clips
Bet That
Black On Black
Mask On
No Church
Power Circle
Rap Sheet
Real Niggas
Tell Em Daddy

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