Hortus Animae Lyrics

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Hortus Animae Lyrics

From the Album The Blow Of Furious Winds (2005)
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Chapter One: Furious Winds / Locusts Lyrics
Chapter Two: The Mud And The Blood / Funeral Nation Lyrics
Chapter Three: The Heartfelt Murder Lyrics
Chapter Four: The Virgin Whore Lyrics
Chapter Five: In Adoration Of The Weeping Skies Lyrics
Chapter Six: Across The Sea Of Pain Lyrics
Chapter Seven: Bible Black Lyrics
Chapter Eight: A Gothic Ghost / The Death Of All Beauty Lyrics
Chapter Nine: Garden Of Fairies Lyrics

From the Album Waltzing Mephisto (2003)
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Springtime Deaths Lyrics
Souls Of The Cold Wind Lyrics
Welcome The Godless Lyrics
Freezing Moon Including Terzo Incontro And Tubular Bells Lyrics
A Feeble Light Of Hope Lyrics

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