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IamSu Lyrics

Best Thing Yet Lyrics

Best thing yet
To ever come into the life

Livin under stars, tryna shine like them
Bumpin the college dropout, tryna rhyme like him
Bumpin aftermath shit, tryna rhyme like M
Drinkin until I'm bent like a duck dale brim
I wanna be the greatest, I don't know how to say this
But I would die before I'd be the one that didn't make it
Starin in the mirror tryna find a deeper meaning
Of why I beat the sun, hung on morning and the evening
'Cause I'm star gazin, tryna figure out how you got there
The top blair, Jay-Z, no Rockwell
But I keep a bad b with me
The same ones that starved with me fin to eat with me
The same ones that came with me finna leave with me
It sounds simple but that complicated recently
'Cause you take a lot of losses, tryna be a winner
Climbin up the ladder in success within the splinters
It's hard but it's real
I'm from where people die just to live
So I give my whole heart in the real
Just to spark the young mind of a kid
To do it big like frank White, swagged up, game tight
I just wanna shine and give all of ya'll the same light back
So when I'm on stage doing my thing
Apply that to yo life man, hah

Best thing yet
To ever come into the life

Yea, yalready know who it is
It's the one and only, this Trap Obama, David Hustlefield ya'll
You blessed my life
God works in mysterious ways
I always felt the meaning the growth
Seein a part of something grown from nothing into something is pretty amazing
God bless me with the vision to foresee things
I mean really, I knew all I had to do is follow my intuition and apply myself
And it would get me to where I wanna be, you know?
It goes a couple of years, you know what I'm sayin?
Well I'm too, I was gonna need one to the same but you in college
You lookin there by the way cause I have car problems and
I remember him explainin to me that he did music
So me bein in musi, I grew up around the music kids
You know, I did my research and go against, I wanted it all
You know?...

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