I Am The Avalanche - Casey's Song Lyrics

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I Am The Avalanche Lyrics

Casey's Song Lyrics

Casey needs a holiday
To say the least.
From his broken bones,
A holiday.
When's his turn to walk this planet
Safe from all the doctors
And also from himself?
They can't believe he lives and breathes.
We think maybe he's a saint.

And he steers his ship steady, slowly.
He just wants to get it ahead
Regardless of nature's obstacles.

Catch your breath, kid.
Grab a hold.
Don't let go again.
We'll laugh about this when we're old.
This pain was heaven sent

God, I need a holiday
To say the least
From this bashed in heart,
A holiday.
Where's my friends to
Dig me the fuck up out this deep rut
And focus on the dream we
Had five years ago today?
I guess it's time to believe

And I steer my ship steady, slowly.
I just wants to feel human
In tune with all of nature's obstacles.

I sat in my car, staring at the coins laying on the floor
Asking am I cursed or just secretly iron man?
Did it get away from you?
How do I get it back to me?
I sat in my car wondering how things got this far.
Get home alive.

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