Ian Parry - Chain Of Fear Lyrics

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Ian Parry Lyrics

Chain Of Fear Lyrics

You've stood alone, patiently
Your only crime, a different point of view
Taught to fight, too stand your ground
A way of life, integrity so real

Amidst the pain and the suffering
Exists a faith and a heart, that's made of steel
To break the chain of fear

To the millions of People, alone and scared
It's time to face your fear
We all possess the strength
In time, it will appear
To break the chain of fear

You've been, lookin' for a way
An' searching for your dreams
All the time the answer is there
As clear as day, but you're blinded by fear

No hiding in shame
You're strong enough, to stand-up for yourself
I know, I seen it before

[Repeat Chorus]

It's up to you, Keep on going, there's no-use to run away
Keep in goin', don't hide in shame, break the chain of fear

[Backing vocals]
You've gotta keep on going
You've passed the point of no return

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