Ian Parry - Collide-o-scope (When Past And Present Collide) Lyrics

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Ian Parry Lyrics

Collide-o-scope (When Past And Present Collide) Lyrics

Spoken part
Les journées de conflit font enfin partie du passé.
Le débat a remplacé la nécessité de prendre les armes.
Il y a une multitude d'exemples, de manières où le passé se heurte au présent -
ce sont des sujets de conversation ou de discussions philosophiques.
On base les réponses sur la compréhension mutuelle et non sur l'ignorance.

It's time to look ahead, or the past and present will collide
'cos what the future brings, is happiness for all mankind

Conflict and pain
Are historical emotions, now laid to rest
The ways of the past collide
With the present now, are topics for
Philosophical discussion

Alone in exile, and in conflict with itself
The Monomale searches
A constant fight to come too terms
In a collide-o-scope, of morals past and present

Old familiar ways, an' habits never die
They're hard to change
You can't teach an old dog new tricks
It's best to let it go, on it's way
To roam across the world alone

In this new order
Now a prison is a place, of great historic value
A place where children play and learn
In this society, the Neofems created

Now it's a time for learning
Gone are the ways of old
Right now is the time for sharing
The knowledge learnt by all
Don't let the grass keep growing
Don't sit and watch the water flow
Don't live in the past forever
Look to the future there's a sign of hope

Let yourself, just drift away
To where, a new place is born
A place, where children learn and play
We are as one, life and all

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