Ian Parry - Continuum (In Extremis) Lyrics

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Ian Parry Lyrics

Continuum (In Extremis) Lyrics

[Spoken part:]
The survival of mankind depends on the re-unification of our species.
Stability in society is restored, but at great cost to us all.
Mankind has evolved into a dual species and is no longer interdependent.
A Neofeminist order. Children pure in mind and heart,
Hold the key to a new realm. A world without suffering or pain,
Were war is a term used only in the old world.

One hundred years now things are different
Peace restored, but the cost is great
Tragically mankind has suffered
A species went it's separate ways

Men and women once interdependent
Now a Neofeminist order reigns
It's children pure in mind and body
In a world, without suffering or pain

Microscopic entities [Backing vocal]
A dual species, our evolution changed
All part of the Continuum

Continuum [Backing vocal]
How shall we travel through the centuries
Continuum [Backing vocal]
With the generations changing
Continuum [Backing vocal]
Inherently we act the same
Continuum [Backing vocal]
There's a shadow hanging over us all

[Ad-libs:] There's a shadow, a shadow hanging over us

[Repeat Chorus]

Will it ever be the same as it was, centuries before
What have we done [Shouts]
Will it ever, be the same
What have we done [Shouts]
It's time, to release mankind

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