Ian Parry - Evilworld Lyrics

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Ian Parry Lyrics

Evilworld Lyrics

I'm slowly losin' them, the few friends that I had
All attempts to win them back
Have been to no avail

Wasted years, wasted yesterdays

Am I living in an evilworld
Have I been living in a daze

I wept a silent tear,
As one by one they turned away
I've built a wall around myself
Invisable but safe

Wasted years [backing vocals]
An empire built on immorial grounds
May come crashing down

If I search inside my mind
What shall I find
Am I living in an evilworld
I'm afraid to open - up my eyes
The truth I'll find
Is it me who built this evil place

Have I broke the golden rule
To sacrifice all my friends
When I lie, cheat, and fool
I'm lyin' to myself


Will I ever search inside my mind
Is it real 'am I livin' in an evil world

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