Ian Parry - The Catalyst Lyrics

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Ian Parry Lyrics

The Catalyst Lyrics

Their cries for help ignored, society in disarray
It's unbelievable, what's happening
In this way, 'cos nobody heeds the warnings

What will be, if we follow this path, to anarchy
The one's we love will be left in mourning
.... left in mourning

So the Elders of the day, gathered in their Millions
Their strength in numbers is significant
For change that will make, a difference

Falling, falling
One by one as the tears keep pouring
Watch them, falling
Count the cost as the tears keep pouring

Now there's no return, 'cos what's been done is done
The battle has been won
The Catalyst is man's own weakness

The one's we love, you're not alone, the one's we love
You're not alone

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