Imago Mortis - Transcendental Lyrics

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Imago Mortis Lyrics

Transcendental Lyrics

What should I do
To go beyond
Returning to the place
Where we belong

To open the zenith doors
To live forever
Out of the cycle
A passage to eternity

Love existential, madrigal
Among the stars
Nature's embrace
Entwined with our souls

To take the past away
A heavenbound heart
Reach for the skies
And soon it begins
One last closes in

This is not for heaven
This is not for me
It's another way I'm supposed to be
A mind that will be free

To breath new air
Each others air
Brand new day at dawn
Age of new life
A thousand years
Gone in peace

Forever seems so short
All is full of pleasure
Amidst harmonious waves
Of life, I end my symphony here

An evening Light
At a silence beach
Need no more wings
Just the wish to fly

The boat has anchored
The journey ends

Now I'm free

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