Impiety - Ave Satanas Lyrics

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Impiety Lyrics

Ave Satanas Lyrics

[Music & Lyrics: Shyaithan, Solos: Eskathon]

Aeternum obscurum dominum glorificate!
Satanae atram maletatem glorificate!

Bringer of darkness, Father of black
Messiah of fury, destroyer of gods
Wise general of demonic wrath
Hold proud the reigns of cabbalistic might
Prophet of terror, malevolent tyrant
Demonic Master, Serpent Emperor
Supreme King of the Underworld
I bow to You o' Majesty eternal!!

Sultan of the occult and magical winds
Djinns and fairies fear Your name
Angels shudder, fast to scurry and hide
As Your legions march war banners high
Victorious evil, morbid supremacy
Aeons of triumph, Your Kingdoms' rise
Sitting proud on Holocaust throne
I bow to You o' Majesty Infernal!!

I salute Thee dark Master Satanas
Grant me wisdom, strength and power
Unleash chaos and diabolical terror
Celebrate death and defeat of Jehovah...

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