Impiety - Legacy Of Savagery Lyrics

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Impiety Lyrics

Legacy Of Savagery Lyrics

Into the vortex of chaos

Aeons of eternal bloodbath
Art of barbarism
Descending storms of extermination
Uncouth & lawlessness
Willed to kill
Without compassion

We are the chosen ones
Continuing forward
This hellish legacy
Of savagery...

Bury them one by one
Young, old, women, children
No hope for any to survive
Unforgiven all must die
Rape & murder celebrated
Broken crosses no mercy
Idols are pulverised
Angels falls as we collide

Dethrone all prophets
Execute all priest
Impale all nuns
Rule infamy...

Visions of the pious
Pleading for mercy
I can give not more
But a ton of misery...

Tarnished altars
Ritualised butchery
Atrocities of oblation
Slaughters awaiting
Dogmas reviled
Souls must perish
Bestial onslaught
Death shall strike

Diabolical massacres
Prevails extreme eternally
Deified & immortalised
Is our legacy of savagery

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