Impiety - Mighty Impiety Lyrics

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Impiety Lyrics

Mighty Impiety Lyrics

Ascending ruthless from the underworld,
Bludgeoning everything in our path,
Retentless in every battle we uptake,
14 blackened years we've grimly served
Violently ferocious in demeanor,
Delivers Supersonic AntiChristian Terror,
Purveyors of Metal, War and Blasphemy,
Behold... Our Power and Might!

Ripping you to pieces...
Grinding you to dust...

Launching missiles,
Into the face,
Of your God...
Obliterate the Filth, Of this earth,
Flock of the Lord...
Waves of hate, Desecrate, Decimate,
To your loss, our unholy wrath,
Never dessipates!

Kommanders Arise,
Raising the Eternal,
Banner of Hell,
Vomiting chaos, vomiting death,
You stand not a chance!
To fill our boots,
To taste our glory,
To feel our pride
And that is because, You chose lame paths
Foolish Mortals in Shame...

Horns united,
Laws divided,
Drag Below to flames this world we shall,
Salute, Rise up to Satan,
Our Legions proud to boldly serve!
We'll rape you...
We'll crush you...
We'll tear you to the fucking ground
Of steel, triumph and glory,
Unchallenged Superiority

We Are, the Mighty Impiety!
Reign Proud, Mighty Impiety!

Embrace the fury and blasphemies,
Taste the blood of the slaughtered and massacred;
Taste the pleasures of perversion and evil
All made sacred for you!
Embrace the putridity and excrement
Taste the carrions of enemies in defeat,
Taste the fury and demonic victories,
Be hailed our Imperial Hellhordes now...

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