Impiety - The Blitzkrieg Omega Lyrics

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Impiety Lyrics

The Blitzkrieg Omega Lyrics

Lightning Terror, tyrants assemble and prepare for war,
Blazing Torment, rapidly served at every end of dawn,
Punishing Onslaught, heathendom's fist of absolute pain,
Witching Glory, with blood on our hands I know we have won!
Command for Slaughter...
Command for Annihilation...

What's fist to last, is last to fist,
A process built on triumph...
The love for War, the lover for Death,
All Gods...we'll keep

We never cease to Conquer...
We never cease to Reign...


All Gods...we'll keep

Igniting Internecion,
And the flames of...vengeance
Unmerciful violence,
Possessed to hasten you...infernal death.

Rise into Chaos,
Envenomed with warlust,
An ending in fierceness,
An ending in Victory!

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