Impiety - The Scourge Majesty Lyrics

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Impiety Lyrics

The Scourge Majesty Lyrics

Sovereign master decimator
Exalted high above
Casting pestilence
Accelerate world demise


Plague King of Terror
Coronation of the black Goat
Deliverer of eternal suffering
Atomic conflagration...

Master of sacrilegious torment
Sceptre of abominations
Inflicting devastation
Violating purity


Requiem for the earth as rebellion arise
Horizons retire in decadence, Hellfires now engulf

Blaspheme, destroy all covenants
Man foolishly forged with Gods
Brutally scoff & immolate them all
Rejoice in Satan's wrath

Occult Father of Dark wisdom
Governor of plague & virus
Pre-eminent Lord of Misery
Barbarous, torturous

Sodomizing all visions of sanctity
Twisting & remoulding beauty
Tumultuous intent built in glory
Unstoppable force, offensive rage


Indomitable valor, invincible strength
Apotheosis of his infernal reign
Epitome of catastrophic dominion
Behold the rising of the scourge majesty

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