Impiety - War Crowned Lyrics

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Impiety Lyrics

War Crowned Lyrics

Coronating the insurrection
Baptised in blood, I am the chosen Son of Annihilation
Destined for combat against Jehovah & all adversaries
Armed & envenomed, wisdom on all tactics of war
Formation of my armies, march chivalrous bringing doom

Abhorring the sacred, scythes are swung to decapitate
Divinity destroyer, I overturn their bastard temples
Content to cast terror, watching them die one by one
Desanctification, I vomit Christ, I vomit Death

Provocation no empathy
Marked & tarnished in blasphemy
Intensified entropy
Solemnizing bigotry
Irreligious crusade
Enmity & disbelief
Wicked objective
De-cleansing humanity

War Crowned
Enraged I stand, devourer of Seraphs
Annihilate, commanding death
Conveying pain
Under the profane sign of vengeance

War Crowned
Enraged I stand, destroyer of Gods
I execrate, dispersing wrath
Summoning misery
Under the violent oath of desecration

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