Inherit Disease - Imprisoned And Afflicted By Aberration Lyrics

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Inherit Disease Lyrics

Imprisoned And Afflicted By Aberration Lyrics

She delivered faith to maniacs
No divinity in insanity
When the time was right
Commence kidnapping

Daughter of the faith
Repeatedly raped
Mental ward gang bang
Her god was not watching

Surviving for weeks off the semen of her molesters

An object
She was owned by a hundred maniacs
Sodomized, demoralized
Impregnated by a hundred maniacs
Schizophrenics, child molesters laughing manically at nothing
These were all here mates to be
Bestial copulations, each more brutal than the last
Locked in a closet
Covered with semen
Praying for death

Kept a slave for 30 days
Sadistic ways to violate
Pulverized, purple face
Deflower, desecrate
Pumped full of psycho semen

She was found
Barely alive
Carrying child

In hell
Son of
A hundred

Bastard son of a hundred maniacs

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