Inme - Love's Heartless Jest Lyrics

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Inme Lyrics

Love's Heartless Jest Lyrics

Is love a wondrous mystery or is it a cruel joke?
Full of painful history did I burn it all in smoke
Love reveals it's depths when the ship is going down
My head is parched and starved for a cup I did not fill
And this will never heal sorrow confides in joy
But I'm listening still to the cries of a helpless boy
The boy becomes a man, a man who can stand on his own two feet
He has a heart that burns but a heart that won't melt
sleeping in the light awake in the darkness night
please don't worry darling I'm not going anywhere
but when you cast me away I will not try to fight the waves
this song I'll never sing this song it cries in vain
and I hope you feel every word you know where I am

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