Insanity Reigns Supreme - The Bitter Kiss Of Death Lyrics

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Insanity Reigns Supreme Lyrics

The Bitter Kiss Of Death Lyrics

"The night.... it haunts me"
My life has thriven upon soil
That was not its to consume

"La victime. Je l'ai mordu
Et bu le sang"

Cultus sanguine

"Elle s'a trompe pour la premiere
Et la derniere fois"

I am the glorified bringer
Of thy long due rest
And thus I have ascended
To make thy blooming flower wither
As if it were rotting windfall

Your petals are mine to peel
So bow down before mee... kneel!

I have been kissed
By the soothing tongues of death before
They did not fool me
I could taste the bitterness from afar

Man need no kneel before the angels
Nor lie in death forever
But for the weakness
Of the feeble will

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