Irving Berlin - There Are Two Eyes In Dixie Lyrics

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Irving Berlin Lyrics

There Are Two Eyes In Dixie Lyrics

[1st verse:]
When I left the old folks
Down in Dixieland
From that very moment
I could understand
Why they put two I's in Dixie
When they spell that word
Here's the simple reason
It's the best you've ever heard

There are two I's in Dixie
Two eyes in Dixie
Always watching me

And while I'm straying
By day and night
They keep on saying
"Turn to the right"

Makes no diff'rence where I wander
Or where I happen to be

I simply can't go wrong
Because the whole day long
There are two eyes in Dixie watching me

[2nd verse:]
Ev'ry night you'll find me
With a pen in hand
Writing them a letter
Down in Dixieland
I can see two eyes in Dixie
Reading what I write
And I ask their blessing
When I say my pray'rs each night

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