John And Mary - We Have Nothing Lyrics

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John And Mary Lyrics

We Have Nothing Lyrics

(John Lombardo)

As it hides from sunlight the winter moves on
And now gone like ghosts things we counted upon
The check you promised never came
I beat the windows and bawled your name
We have nothing
I've the feeling this is happening twice
Longtime friendships are now melting like ice
So good with words yet now they fail
As seasons meet and the days grow pale
We have nothing
The long-buried poems the night that we met
And then the hour we swore we'd never forget
The ticking clock moved backwards to
Till I wasn't sure if it was you
People stirring at their windows at dawn
We stood pissing on the constable's lawn
Is that the moon there at the foot of the pool
I was happy now I feel like a fool
Like a curtain dropping down from above
It's as though you had never been loved
We made a list from one to five
Good reasons not to be alive
We nursed our drinks in a workmans bar
We kissed good night in a freezing car
We have nothing

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