Jorn Lyrics

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Jorn Lyrics

From the Album Dio (2010)
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Song For Ronnie James Lyrics
Invisible Lyrics
Shame On The Night Lyrics
Push Lyrics
Stand Up And Shout Lyrics
Don't Talk To Strangers Lyrics
Lord Of The Last Day Lyrics
Night People Lyrics
Sacred Heart Lyrics
Sunset Superman Lyrics
Lonely Is The Word / Letters From Earth (2010 Version) Lyrics
Kill The King Lyrics
Straight Through The Heart (Live) Lyrics

From the Album Spirit Black (2009)
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Spirit Black Lyrics
Below Lyrics
Road Of The Cross Lyrics
The Last Revolution Lyrics
City Inbetween Lyrics
Rock And Roll Angel Lyrics
Burn Your Flame Lyrics
World Gone Mad Lyrics
I Walk Alone Lyrics
The Sun Is Goes Down Lyrics

From the Album Lonely Are The Brave (2008)
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Lonely Are The Brave Lyrics
Night City Lyrics
War Of The World Lyrics
Shadow People Lyrics
Soul Of The Wind Lyrics
Man Of The Dark Lyrics
Promises Lyrics
The Inner Road Lyrics
Hellfire Lyrics
Stormbringer Lyrics
Like Stone In Water Lyrics

From the Album Unlocking The Past (2007)
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On And On Lyrics
Fool For Your Loving Lyrics
Cold Sweat Lyrics
Lonely Is The Word / Letters Form Earth Lyrics
Burn Lyrics
Feel Like Making Love Lyrics
Kill The King Lyrics
Perfect Strangers Lyrics
Naked City Lyrics
The Day The Earth Caught Fire Lyrics
Straight Through The Heart Lyrics
The Whitesnake Medley Lyrics

From the Album The Duke (2006)
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We Brought The Angels Down Lyrics
Blacksong Lyrics
Stormcrow Lyrics
End Of Time Lyrics
Duke Of Love Lyrics
Burning Chains Lyrics
After The Dying Lyrics
Midnight Madness Lyrics
Are You Ready Lyrics
Starfire Lyrics

From the Album Out To Every Nation (2004)
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Young Forever Lyrics
Out To Every Nation Lyrics
Something Real Lyrics
Living With Wolves Lyrics
Vision Eyes Lyrics
One Day We Will Put Out The Sun Lyrics
Behind The Clown Lyrics
Rock Spirit Lyrics
Through Day And Night Lyrics
When Angel Wings Were White Lyrics

From the Album Worldchanger (2001)
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Tungur Knivur Lyrics
Sunset Station Lyrics
Glow In The Dark Lyrics
House Of Cards Lyrics
Bless The Child Lyrics
Captured Lyrics
Worldchanger Lyrics
Christine Lyrics
Bridges Will Burn Lyrics

From the Album Starfire (2000)
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Starfire Lyrics
Edge Of The Blade Lyrics
Break It Up Lyrics
Forever Yours Lyrics
The Day The Earth Caught Fire Lyrics
Gate Of Tears Lyrics
Burn Lyrics
End Come Easy Lyrics
Just The Same Lyrics
Abyss Of Evil Lyrics

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