Josh Abbott Band - End of A Dirt Road Lyrics

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Josh Abbott Band Lyrics

End of A Dirt Road Lyrics

(Feat. Roger Creager & Trent Willmon)

Verse 1
I think itís time to take a drive,
man itís been too long
and you know it sounds so sweet.
Cuz when the gravel hits the tires
itíll right the wrongs
of too much city, and too much concrete.

Take me to an old stock tank,
or the Devilís river bank,
that fishing hole that stirs my memories.
Take me to a cold deer stand
or shooting guns at old beer cans.
You wonít find street signs where I wanna be.
I wouldnít give a nickel to have it paved in gold.
Everything I love is at the end of a dirt road.

Verse 2
Itís cattle guards and old barb wire,
shooting birds in the fall,
and laying in the truck bed with my girl.
Itís the smell of mesquite campfire,
shooting Makers with the boys,
and thanking God for giving me this world.

My eyes on a piece of land,
a ring for her hand,
a little Heaven on earth,
a little piece of red dirt.

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