Josh Abbott Band - Road Trippin Lyrics

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Josh Abbott Band Lyrics

Road Trippin Lyrics

Verse 1
Koozie’s in the console, beer’s on the floor,
and everybody’s gassing up their Fords.
I got good tunes blaring sing-along-songs,
and everybody’s glad to get long gone.

Well it’s Friday night and we’re getting out of town.
We don’t care when the sun goes down.
Making memories with my friends…
Just road trippin on a long weekend.

Verse 2
Gamble in Shreveport, ski Colorado,
or we can do both in New Mexico.
A country concert, or a football game,
everytime’s different but it’s the same.

Take pictures next to city limit signs…
Stayin up late with Boones Farm Wine…
Gonna have a dozen stories to tell…
Damn glad we got out of our hometown jail…

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