Juliette Lewis - Noche Sin Fin Lyrics

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Juliette Lewis Lyrics

Noche Sin Fin Lyrics

My endless night was so black
So damn blind I couldnít fight
Oh no god I woke up
Oh lord Iíll never take it back no
Every night I see
Every night I see all the ghosts
Staring at me
You can never get it back cause you never let the devil know youíre under attack no
And you wonder why you failed everyone why your youth is gone All I wasted
All I took all I took I could take I, I ran away but I couldnít escape no
And itís all the way gone
All the way gone
Every night Iím singing the same, same old song oh
How you took me down how I lost it all loved by everyone and no one at all
You suffer the cost and serve them well you serve the loss and this is my hell
Oh no and they hold you down and they hold your head all the way down down down down down down
Keep it up keep it up you never get over it
Youíll love and be killed by your love you will beÖ
Oh you set me free I was turned away
And youÖI heard you say in a soft voice youíll be ok
Donít cry
You sleep once and then you never die
Starving on the stage, splintered and poor oh my love, oh your love I adore, I adore
Oh your love I adore adore
I took it down I took myself out
I took it down. Never again no
You never die
You will never die
I, I, I, I, I, I,
I will never die
You will never die
Weíll never die
Oh, oh, oh lord you took me one time never again no
Itís all, all the way down
All the way down
How you took me, how you loved me, how you set it free
All the way down, all the way down
Everything you give to me
Oh the black night
Oh the black night
I fight my way free
And we go on and on, we keep going on on and on and on

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