June - Speak Up Lyrics

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June Lyrics

Speak Up Lyrics

Get over yourself.
You'll find me under your skin
This is you being selfishÖ
This is you feeling sorry for yourself,
And if not, youíre kidding yourself

It started off from the get go.
Iíll kill to remember and youíll drink to forget.
But itís just your tongue youíll choke on,
If you speak any faster!

Itís just as easy to rip a piece off.
Iíll write all your lies off
And I donít really care what you wear on your sleeve.
Did you really think
(That you had hidden the pillow)
That covered the weapon,
(The knife that cut?)
Iím still in hiding
(And youíre still kidding yourself.)

Speak up. Speak up.
Am I your easy way out?
You must be kidding yourself. You must be kidding,
Just as easy as to rip out this sliver from under your skin,
Itís just your tongue youíll choke on.
(You will always drink to forget.)

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