June - This Side Of Your Room Lyrics

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June Lyrics

This Side Of Your Room Lyrics

This is one thing that just could
Make you pull over
(Please pull over, I can't stop shaking)
While your head's toward the window looking down
(And I can walk home from here)
Just stop the car
(Just stop blame this on me)
As the car drives away and you're gone

My heels are hurting
But I'll keep on walking
(And as I take your picture out
The rain has warped your face)
But your eyes still show
(Had it been an hour, oh)
No, just half past twelve

Burn these bridges we cross
Girl this bend will take you off
And this overpass won't sleep

(Still light shines on 1426
His disguise is broken by
His lit cigarette and)
These thoughts he has been thinking of
This side of your room (is almost close enough)

(If we checked your insides)
Would there be all black inside
(Coated with the ashes of despair)
But your alive
One bullet or survive
(And she cries)



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