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Kari Jobe Lyrics

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From the Album Majestic (2014)
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Hands To The Heavens
Breathe On Us
Only Your Love
Keeper Of My Heart
Always Enough
How Majestic
When You Walk In The Room
I Am Not Alone
Holy Spirit
Lord Over All
Look Upon The Lord
Let The Heavens Open

From the Album Where I Find You (2012)
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Steady My Heart
We Are
One Desire
Find You On My Knees
Savior's Here
Stars In The Sky
What Love Is This
Run To You
Love Came Down
We Exalt Your Name
When Hope Came Down (Christmas Edition Bonus Track)
Messiah (Christmas Edition Bonus Track)
O Holy Night (Christmas Edition Bonus Track)

From the Album Le Canto [Spanish version of "Kari Jobe"] (2009)
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Le Canto ("I'm Singing" Spanish version)
Me Sanaste ("Healer" Spanish version)
Gozandome ("Joyfully" Spanish version)
Bello ("Beautiful" Spanish version)
Espera ("Be Still" Spanish version)
Nunca Paras De Cantar ("Singing Over Me" Spanish version)
No Hay Otro Nombre ("No Sweeter Name" Spanish version)
Tu Bondad ("You Are Good" Spanish version)
Levantame En Amor ("Sweep Me Away" Spanish version)
Digno Y Santo ("Revelation Song" Spanish version)
Tú Eres Para Mí ("You Are For Me" Spanish version)

From the Album Kari Jobe (2009)
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I'm Singing
Everyone Needs A Little
My Beloved
Singing Over Me
No Sweeter Name
Be Still
Sweep Me Away
Revelation Song
You Are For Me

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