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KJ-52 Lyrics

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From the Album Five-Two Television (2009)
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Adventures Of Tweezyman Lyrics
End Of My Rope Lyrics
Headline News At 5 Lyrics
He Did That Lyrics
Let's Go Lyrics
Are You Online? Lyrics
Calling You Lyrics
Headline News At 11 Lyrics
Picture Lyrics
Shake It Off Lyrics
Gonna Be Alright Lyrics
Help Me Change Lyrics
Swagged Out With Tags Out Lyrics
Fuego Lyrics
Tweezy Dance Lyrics
Let It Go Lyrics
Firestarter Lyrics
Broken People Lyrics
Dear God Lyrics

From the Album The Yearbook: Includes The Missing Pages! (2008)
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Stuck In The 80's Lyrics
Starbucks Takes All My Money Lyrics
I Got It I Got It Lyrics
Keep Shining Lyrics
Do You Thang Remix Lyrics
Push Up (Remix) Lyrics

From the Album The Yearbook (2007)
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Will You Ever Know? Lyrics
Do Yo Thang Lyrics
You'll Never Take Me Down Lyrics
Do You Got That? Lyrics
It Aint Easy Lyrics
Push Up Lyrics
I Won't Ever Stop Lyrics
Fanmail Lyrics
You Can Still Come Back Lyrics
Can I Be Honest? Lyrics
Pump That Lyrics
5 Minutes (In The Garden) Lyrics
Daddy's Girl Lyrics
Wake Up Lyrics
Say What Ya Want Lyrics
You're Gonna Make It Lyrics
You Hang Up First Lyrics
Always Here For You Lyrics
Take Every Part Of Me Lyrics

From the Album Behind The Music (2005)
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Fivetweezy Lyrics
Are U Real? Lyrics
Rock With It Lyrics
God Lyrics
Thank You Lyrics
Jesus Lyrics
Right Here Lyrics
Video Games Lyrics
Plain White Rapper Lyrics
Things I Like Lyrics
Life After Death Lyrics
Never Look Away Lyrics
For The Ladies Lyrics
I Can Call On You Lyrics
Cry No More Lyrics
One Lyrics
He Is All Lyrics

From the Album It's Pronounced Five Two (2003)
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KJ Five Two Lyrics
Whoop Whoop Lyrics
Dear Slim Pt. 2 Lyrics
So In Love With You Lyrics
Cartoon Network Lyrics
Rock On Lyrics
Back In The Day Lyrics
47 Pop Stars Lyrics
Pick Yourself Up Lyrics
Don't Go Lyrics
Check Yourself Lyrics
#1 Fan Lyrics
I Feel So Good Lyrics
I'm Guilty Lyrics
Outro / Gimme Dat Lyrics

From the Album Collaborations (2002)
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Do That Lyrics
The Choice Is Yours Lyrics
Rise Up Lyrics
Dear Slim Lyrics
Nursery Rhymes Lyrics
Revenge Of The Nerds Lyrics
Why? Lyrics
47 Emcees (Interlude) Lyrics
Operator (Outro) Lyrics

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God Is In Control Lyrics

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