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From the Album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? (2014)
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Judge Me
Love 'Em All
Going Under
How Do You Know?
Hard To Do
Maybe I Should Call
Something About The Night
Miss You, Goodbye
Build A Man
Drake Would Love Me
God I Get It
Get In My Bed

From the Album Still No F*cks Given (2014)
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Still No F*cks Given
Realest In The Game
I Love This Way
Put You On Game
F*ck You
Pain Killa
Justin Bieber
I Love The Money
Heartbreak And Headboards
Baby Momma
She Can Have You
Devil In You
10 Min With God
We All Try
Run The Streets
Tomorrow Too Late

From the Album Rebellious Soul (2013)
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My Life
The Right One (Interlude)
I Don't Like Me
Can't Raise A Man
Pay My Bills
Ride Out
Hate On Her
When I Get A Man
A Mother's Prayer
Better Than Nothing (Best Buy Bonus Track)
The Right One (Best Buy Bonus Track)
Same Man (Best Buy Bonus Track)

From the Album The Hold Over (2013)
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The Hold Over
Pain Killa
Million Hearts
Wish I Could Be Her

From the Album 0 F*cks Given (2012)
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0 F*cks Given
U Gonna Learn Today
Not Into You
Go Off
Baby You
Sweetest Love
When Crying Is Easy
Jump Right In
Don't Say Sorry
Pate Song #1
Adorn You
Acura Intergurl
We Mobbin
Bury My Heart
Can't Raise A Man
Shut Up
I Know You Won't

From the Album Pain Medicine (2011)
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Pain Medicine
How Many Times

From the Album Signed, Sealed, Delivered (2011)
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Signed, Sealed, Delivered
You Should've Killed Me
Self Made
Can't Go On
For My Birthday
It's All About Me
Met Yo Match
Just Ain't My Day

From the Album For Colored Girls / Pre-Pain Medicine (2010)
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For Colored Girls / Pre-Pain Medicine
That Girl
Turn The Radio Up
Kill A Man
I'm Bout To Cheat
Ain't No Such Thing
For My Birthday

From the Album What's The 901? (2010)
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What's The 901?
You Should've Killed Me
Self Made
Where They Do That At
Bad 4 My Health
Can't Go On
Fakin' It
Met Yo Match
Nothin' On You
Fallin' (Live From Pandora)

Other Songs:
Bring On The Rain
Christmas Night
For My Cinderellas
He Gets Me
How Many Times
How To Love (Remix)
I Don't Believe
I Just Can't Do This
I Just Wanna
Kiss My Ass
Life Support
Many Men
Sweetest Love
V.S.O.P. (DJ Tedsmooth Remix)
V.S.O.P. (Remix)
When You're Gone
Worst Man I Ever Had (Beyonce Cover)

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