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The Kooks Lyrics

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From the Album Listen (2014)
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Around Town
Forgive & Forget
See Me Now
It Was London
Bad Habit
Are We Electric
Sweet Emotion
Murderer (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Icons (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Keep Your Head Up (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Backstabber (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

From the Album Down (2014)
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Hold On
Melody Maker

From the Album Listen (2014)
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Around Town
Bad Habit

From the Album Junk Of The Heart (2011)
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Junk Of The Heart (Happy)
How'd You Like That
Taking Pictures Of You
Killing Me
F*ck The World Off
Time Above The Earth
Is It Me
Eskimo Kiss
Mr. Nice Guy
Carried Away (Bonus Track)
The Saboteur - The Magic Shop, NYC (Bonus Track)

From the Album RAK (2008)
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Watching The Ships Roll In
Eaten By Your Lover
No Longer
Fa La La
Nothing Ever Changes
By My Side
Hatful Of Love
See The Sun (Alternate Version)

From the Album Konk (2008)
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See The Sun
Always Where I Need To Be
Mr. Maker
Do You Wanna
Love It All
Stormy Weather
Shine On
Down To The Market
One Last Time
Tick Of Time (Hidden Track)
All Over Town (Hidden Track)
Bad Taste In My Mouth (iTunes bonus track)
Vicious (iTunes pre-order bonus track)

From the Album Inside In Inside Out (2006)
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See The World
Sofa Song
Eddie's Gun
Ooh La
You Don't Love Me
She Moves In Her Own Way
I Want You Back
If Only
Jackie Big Tits
Time Awaits
Got No Love
Do You Love Me Still? (U.S. Bonus Track)

Other Songs:
Be Mine
Belly Love
Bus Song
Come On Down (from "Shine On" single)
Do You Love Her?
Give In (from "She Moves in Her Own Way" single)
I Already Miss You (from "She Moves in Her Own Way" single)
In My Opinion (from "She Moves in Her Own Way" single)
Luby Loo (from "Shine On" single)
Outstanding (Demo)
Princess Of My Mind
Pull Me In
Put Your Back To My Face
Slave To The Game
Something To Say
Weight Of The World

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