Kris Delmhorst - Juice+June Lyrics

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Kris Delmhorst Lyrics

Juice+June Lyrics

Look at how the twilightís fading, all the nightbirds serenading,
And Iím helpless to that thin & hopeful tune, you know

The lightning bugs & the whiskey make tonight a little risky
I might stare at you and so Iíll keep my eyes a little low

I know thereís so much in the way, but I just want to stay right here anyway

Because in the night the church bellís ringing, and now my foolish heart is singing
Though god knows Iíve told it time & time again to be slow

(solo over verse)

I know itís only juice & june that makes me sing this tune, and itís all too soon,

But if the night was never-ending, thereíd be no more sense pretending
And perhaps thereíd be no space between our hands at all
Then perhaps there would be nothing else to do but fall
Just fall

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