Lucas Hoge - Give a Damn Lyrics

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Lucas Hoge Lyrics

Give a Damn Lyrics

(Lucas Hoge / Laura Lynn / Corey Barker)

Verse 1
I’m a big buck hunter – son of a gunner
Camp on the river bank kind
A hand shake dealer – first kiss stealer
With a cat fish on the line
Mean what I sayer – pre-meal prayer
And I work for what I earn
I’m do it outdoorser – less is moreser
it Don’t take long to learn…that

I’m backwoods – out in the sticks
A down home – rebel hick
Country as it gets
And proud to be
I’m home grown - southern bred
Switch raised – and corn fed
If you got a beef with who i am
Ask me if i give a damn

Verse 2
I’m a shootcha straighter – meat and potater
Call you back later – man
A Whiskey sippin’ - cow tippin’
Skinny dippin’ fan
I’m a 4-course supper - crank it on upper
Big tire trucker guy
A Dirt road lover – Good to my Mother and brother
Let me tell you why


I’m a Friday night party thrower,
Sunday morin’ Church goer
Member of the NRA
Die hard, karaoke dive bars
And livin’ in the USA

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