Martyrium Lyrics

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Martyrium Lyrics

From the Album The Carnage Lit By Darkness (2005)
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Prologue – The Primeval Reign Of Spirit Lyrics
Scene I – Through The Venal Eyes Of The Possessed Lyrics
Scene I – Deprived Of Deliverance By Acumen Lyrics
Scene II – The Transition Lyrics
Scene III – Androgynie Somnium Lyrics
Scene I – Enticement Of Divinity’s Final Hour Lyrics
Scene II – Mina Lyrics
Scene I – The Carnage Lit By Darkness Lyrics
Epilogue – Eagerly, We Await... Lyrics

From the Album Withering In Voluptuous Embrace (2002)
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Insanity Dancing With Crimson Tides Lyrics
The Ebon River Princess Lyrics
Chrysanthemum Lyrics
Eden (The Divine Entrap) Lyrics
The Hatred Cornucopia Lyrics
Restrained In Demuric Gyves Lyrics
Promises Lyrics
Tears From The Demented Heart Lyrics

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