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mewithoutYou Lyrics

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From the Album Pale Horses (2015)
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Pale Horses
Pale Horse
Watermelon Ascot
Mexican War Streets
Red Cow
Blue Hen
Lilac Queen
Magic Lantern Days
Birnam Wood
Rainbow Signs

From the Album Ten Stories (2012)
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February 1878
Grist For The Malady Mill
East Enders Wives
Cardiff Giant
Elephant In The Dock
Fox's Dream Of The Log Flume
Nine Stories
Fiji Mermaid
Bear's Vision Of St. Agnes
All Circles

From the Album It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright (2009)
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Every Thought A Thought Of You
The Fox, The Crow And The Cookie
The Angel Of Death Came To David's Room
Goodbye, I!
A Stick, A Carrot & String
Bullet To Binary (pt. Two)
Timothy Hay
Fig With A Bellyache
Cattail Down
The King Beetle On A Coconut Estate
Allah, Allah, Allah

From the Album Brother, Sister (2006)
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Messes Of Men
The Dryness And The Rain
Wolf Am I! (And Shadow)
Yellow Spider
A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contain
Nice And Blue (Part 2)
The Sun And The Moon
Orange Spider
In A Market Dimly Lit
O, Porcupine
Brownish Spider
In A Sweater Poorly Knit

From the Album Catch For Us The Foxes (2004)
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Torches Together
January 1979
Tie Me Up! Untie Me!
Disaster Tourism
Seven... Sisters
The Soviet
My Exit, Unfair
Four Letter Word (Pt. Two)
Son Of A Widow

From the Album [A-->B] Life (2002)
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Bullet To Binary
The Ghost
Nice And Blue
Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt
Be Still Child
We Know Who Our Enemies Are
I Never Said That I Was Brave
The Cure For Pain

From the Album I Never Said I Was Brave (2001)
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I Never Said That I Was Brave
Dying Is Strange And Hard
We Know Who Our Enemies Are
Four Word Letter

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