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Michael Franti & Spearhead Lyrics

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From the Album All People (2013)
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All People
I'm Alive (Life Sounds Like)
Long Ride Home
Life Is Better With You
Earth From Outer Space
Closer To You
Gangsta Girl
Show Me A Sign
I Don't Wanna Go
Do It For The Love
Let It Go
On And On
Wherever You Are
Say Goodbye

From the Album The Sound Of Sunshine (2010)
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The Sound Of Sunshine
Shake It
Hey Hey Hey
Anytime You Need Me
I'll Be Waiting
Only Thing Missing Was You
Love Don't Wait
The Thing That Makes Me Get Through
The Sound Of Sunshine Going Down

From the Album All Rebel Rockers (2008)
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Rude Boys Back In Town
A Little Bit Of Riddim
Life In The City
Hey World (Remote Control Version)
All I Want Is You
Say Hey (I Love You)
I Got Love For You
Hey World (Don't Give Up Version)
The Future
High Low
Nobody Right Nobody Wrong
Have A Little Faith

From the Album Yell Fire! (2006)
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Time To Go Home
Yell Fire!
I Know I'm Not Alone
East To The West
Sweet Little Lies
Hello Bonjour
One Step Closer To You
Hey Now Now
Everybody Ona Move
See You In The Light
Light Up Ya Lighter
What I've Seen
Is Love Enough?

From the Album Everyone Deserves Music (2003)
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What I Be
We Don't Stop
Everyone Deserves Music
Never Too Late
Bomb The World
Pray For Grace
Love, Why Did You Go Away
Yes I Will
Feelin' Free
Love Invincible
Bomb The World (Armageddon Version)
Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

From the Album Stay Human (2001)
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Oh My God
Stay Human (All The Freaky People)
Rock The Nation
Do Ya Love
Every Single Soul
Love'll Set Me Free
Thank You
We Don't Mind
Speaking Of Tongues
Listener Supported
Skin On The Drum

From the Album Chocolate Supa Highway (1997)
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Africa On Line
Chocolate Supa Highway
Keep Me Lifted
Food For Tha Masses
U Can't Sing R Song
Tha Payroll (Stay Strong)
Madness In Tha Hood (Free Ride)
Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)
Why Oh Why
Comin' To Gitcha
Ganja Babe
Wayfaring Stranger
Gas Gauge (The World's In Your Hands)
Water Pistol Man (Chocolate Mix)

From the Album Home (1994)
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People In Tha Middle
Love Is Da Shit
Piece O' Peace
Of Course You Can
Hole In The Bucket
Dream Team
Crime To Be Broke In America
100,000 Miles
Red Beans & Rice
Caught Without An Umbrella

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Same As It Ever Was (Start Today)

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